About the Tutorials

All of the projects I have documented on this site have been used in one or many of the classes I teach/have taught in New York City. You may access all of the tutorial videos and templates by purchasing a membership … details coming soon.

A little about me…

The first image I created that was ever framed, was a portrait I made with yarn and crayons when I was in the first grade. The mat inside the frame read “My Kid Did This.” My dad loved that piece so much that he made an exact replica of it so not to ruin the original. Maybe that’s what made me love doing portraits to this day.

I began drawing seriously in 5th grade when I was accepted in the ATC (Artistically Talented Class) in my grade school. In high school, I was accepted into the Visual and Perfoming Arts Program held at what is now New Jersey City University. From there I got my BFA in Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts in New York City followed by my MA in Art Therapy from New York University. My article “Redefining the Tools of Art Therapy” was published in 2007 by the American Journal of Art Therapy.

I am currently the Creative Arts Director at Hartley House where I teach sculpture to the after-school /summer camp children and act as a guide for the adults and seniors who attend our oil painting and ceramics open studios (with the help of my 1-5 masters level art therapy interns of course). I continue to draw when I can, or more accurately when I am not in the middle of a number of other projects.